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Forms, Labels

Forms with Cards

I want to print cards and paper in one go to allow me to issue cards quickly.

Forms with cards (Pelica), which comprise a card combined with paper, are handy Forms that allow cards and paper to be printed in one go.
Application: insurance cards for national health insurance, etc.

Forms with Cards

One Piece Mailer

We want to deliver important personal information with suitable notifications based on the amount of information.

Our One Piece Mailer have been created by applying a special kind of paste, and then producing the final shape with a dedicated machine after printing.
Application: Invoices, pay slips, DM, etc.

One Piece mailer

Anti-counterfeit Forms

We have employed anti-counterfeit processing to counter worries over the illegal copying of certificates and receipts, and cash vouchers such as gift certificates.

The advent of scanners and sophisticated color copiers has made it increasingly difficult to prevent falsification and copying simply with hidden characters.
We have prepared a wide range of anti-counterfeit processing technologies.
Application: certificates, receipts, cash vouchers, etc.

Anticounterfeit Paper


I want to gather hand-written information and convert it to data.

We have prepared the optimum slips used in combination with device maker scanners.
  (OCR) mail order, cooperatives, health examinations, etc.
  (OMR) response sheets, questionnaires

OCR Slips, OMR Slips


I want the best envelope for the job.

We have prepared a range of envelopes of optimum shape and specifications to suit your application.
Envelopes (standard, non-standard), NIP seal envelopes


Forms, Label for Specific Industries

I want to use a standard slip for all industries.

Forms for electronic device industry

  • EDIJ standard delivery forms
  • EDIJ D labels

Forms for Automobile Industry

  • JAMA, JAPIA-EDI standard forms

Forms for Distribution, Logistics Industries

  • Unified forms

Slips, Label for Specific Industries

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