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Roll Paper, Folding Paper


We produce order-made products every day for business equipment and business printers that are both easy to issue and easily handled at the receiving end.

  • Sizes

    We produce appropriate sizes of paper based on the respective printer media specifications.

  • Printing, Manufacturing

    We manufacture all types of paper from rolls and folding paper, to sheets. We also offer support for sewing machines, binder holes, No. rings, corner cuts, anticounterfeiting, label processing, and water-repellant finishing, etc.

  • Materials

    We can recommend printer maker certificate paper. We can select weather-resistance material suited to the usage environment.

  • Manufacturing floor

    We offer a consistent production system from the design stage to printing, finishing, packaging, and shipping.

Usage situations

We use an incredible amount of paper in our lives for work. Kobayashi Create Co., Ltd's products are used every day in a wide variety of situations.

  • Electricity, gas,
    and watermeter-reading

    We provide meter-reading paper, a vital commodity in use every month in all areas. We produce over five million rolls annually.

  • Banks: ATMs

    We produce paper that can be used safely for our ATM maker partners.

  • Factories: production instructions, product labels

    We produce products to suit each workplace that can be output at high speed, and do not result in malfunction due to oil stains, etc.

  • Retail business: price tags, receipts

    We offer products designed to withstand harsh usage environments such as labels for chilled and frozen food.

  • Hotels, hospitals: automatic fare
    adjustment machine

    We offer products designed for receipt handling that can be stored for long periods of time.

  • Recreation: tickets

    We strive to create attractive designs that people can retain as memories of fun times. Our tickers are also counterfeit-proof.

  • Logistics: ID tags, shipping instructions

    We offer products that demand high barcode and 2D code scanning accuracy. We provide a barcode diagnosis service upon request.

  • Business: deposit receipts, receipts

    We offer highly-sensitive, long-lasting products for mobile printers.

Frequent requests

Our products may appear identical to those of other makers at first glance, however, they have been engineered with a variety of special features in considerations of the environments in which they are used.

  • We want to use outside even on rainy days

    Processing to repel light rain is possible by coating the paper surface to give it a water-repellant effect.

  • We need highly oil-resistant paper for use in the factory

    By using synthetic paper, oil does not soak into the paper, making it useful for preventing paper tears and stopping print from disappearing.

  • We want to store paper for long periods of time

    The results of our internal tolerance test assure that our paper can be stored for seven years.
    * Storage environment conditions apply.

  • We want to print beautiful images even with high-speed printers

    We produce paper capable of performing high-speed printing at 8 inches per second.

  • We want paper that is highly resistant to scratches on colored surfaces

    The surface of our paper is coated to make it resistant to scratches. We also offer paper with high surface strength.

  • We're having problems with dirty printing on colored surfaces

    Our products are also compatible with sharp offset printing.
    * Conditions apply to the processing size.

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