Patient Wristband

Patient Wristband

Patient Identification Wristbands

Users can print patient information on a wristband with a printer. This effective patient identification method reduces human/medical errors. Besides, special polyurethane gives superior wear resistance and tensile property (strength and elongation).

Printable polyurethane product

  • Patient information texts and one/two-dimensional barcode can be printed on the wristband of special polyurethane.
  • Using a dedicated barcode printer and ribbon cartridge enables alcohol-free printing.
  • All you need is a printer and a scanner for patient ID.

Super-soft contact & Reliable closure

  • Super-soft skin contact ensures patient comfort for people of all ages, including newborns through seniors.
  • It is easy to apply: cut out a wristband from a sheet after printed, and attach a snap closure.
  • Superior wear resistance and tensile property prevent the band from coming off.

No harmful substances

  • Our wristband does not contain harmful substances including endocrine disruptors, chlorine, and heavy metals.
    It does not give a negative impact on the environment when incinerated or disposed. Also, the highest safety of band material is evaluated.